Deep Reinforcement Learning for Green Security Game with Online Information

Published in AAAI-18 Artificial Intelligence for Imperfect-Information Games Workshop, 2017

Lantao Yu, Yi Wu, Rohit Singh, Lucas Joppa and Fei Fang. AAAI-18 Artificial Intelligence for Imperfect-Information Games Workshop.



Motivated by the urgent need in green security domains such as protecting endangered wildlife from poaching and preventing illegal logging, researchers have proposed game theoretic models to optimize patrols conducted by law enforcement agencies. Despite the efforts, online information and online interactions (e.g., patrollers chasing the poachers by following their footprints) have been neglected in previous game models and solutions. Our research aims at providing a more practical solution for the complex real-world green security problems by connecting security game with deep reinforcement learning. Specifically, we propose a novel game model which incorporates the vital element of online information and provide a discussion of possible solutions as well as promising future research directions based on deep reinforcement learning.